Simple runtime for creating applications for presentation and collaboration

Create your interactive surface

Do you want to build an interactive table or a digital whiteboard? You provide a Mac and a screen, and NextSurface does the rest. NextSurface enables multiple people to interact simultaneously with elements shown on the screen. NextSurface supports common input devices, such as Apple Trackpad or similar devices, however user experience is much better when using a multitouch device, such as multi-touch frame overlays produced by PQLabs or ZaagTech, or when using a controller app, such as NextGesture.

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NextSurface is provided with two applications for presentation and collaboration. The applications are executed by a proprietary runtime which provides a toolkit for creating the interactive surface. The runtime enables a natural interaction with visual elements and supports gestures performed with one or more fingers. Common use cases are interactive desks and walls, advanced meeting rooms, digital whiteboards, and information kiosks for hotels or estate agencies.

Remote controller for NextSurface

Share the interactive surface

Do you want to share the surface within a group of people? No problem, you can remotely interact with NextSurface from any iOS device. NextGesture is a controller app which enables multiple people to interact simultaneously with the same instance of NextSurface from thier iPad, iPhone, or iPod. With NextGesture you don't need a large and expensive touchscreen to create a shared surface.

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The little assistant for artists

The little assistant for artists

NextPortrait is an application for iOS which helps artists to create portraits from images in photos library. It provides a grid to recreate the correct perspective and proportions of an image while drawing or painting. The grid can be displayed on top of static images or live camera image, so it can be used to compare the actual portrait with the expected image. NextPortrait has been designed for portraits, but it can be used for landscapes as well.

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Application for creating amazing fractal images

The beauty of chaos

NextFractal is an application for creating amazing fractals and other algorithmically generated images. Images are generated processing a script and some user provided parameters. NextFractal is currently able to interpret M scripts and CFDG scripts. The M scripts are based on a domain specific language designed for creating Mandelbrot and Julia sets. The CFDG scripts are based on a context-free grammar designed for creating geometric shapes iteratively. NextFractal provides also tools for exploring Mandelbrot and Julia sets, browsing images, creating time based and events based animations, and rendering images and videos.


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