The JAME Project

Exploring fractals

JAME is an application for creating amazing fractals. It supports continuous zoom of Mandelbrot and Julia sets. You can explore fractals and record animations. You can compose multiple layers and you can apply filters and effects to your images.

JAME is free software hosted by SourceForge and GitHub.


JAME is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. JAME requires Java 7 or later. We recommend a computer with a multi-core CPU and 1Gb of RAM at least.


Author's note

I began working on JAME (the name is a combination of Java and Andrea Medeghini and it should be written in upper case) in 2000 and I continued working on it until 2008 when I completed JAME 6. I planed to continue adding new features, but since 2009 I have been very busy with other projects. I couldn't delivery any new release for many years, and the source code has not been maintained for long time. Finally in 2015, after delivering the last maintenance release of JAME, I decided to start a new project, NextFractal, which aims to replace JAME, providing a new user interface and more features.

Fractals Collection

Support JAME buying the book Fractals Collection, Volume 1. The book contains high quality prints of images generated with JAME. The book is available as ebook as well.