Mandelbrot set with two colors

In this example you will learn how to create a simple Mandelbrot set with two colors.

fractal {
	// Set region margins to left=-3.0, bottom=-1.5, right=0.0, top=1.5
	// Declare state vector as [x,n] where x and n are built-in variables
	orbit [<-3.0,-1.5>,<0.0,1.5>] [x,n] {
		// Iterate for n from 0 to 200 stopping when mod2(x) > 4
		loop [0, 200] (mod2(x) > 4) {
			// Declare orbit equation where x is a state variable and w is current point of region
			x = x * x + w;
	// Set background color to alpha=1, red=1, green=1, blue=1
	color [(1,1,1,1)] {
		// Apply rule when n > 0 and set opacity to 1.0
		rule (n > 0) [1.0] {
			// Set color components to alpha=1, red=0, green=0, blue=0

Execute the script above in NextFractal and you will get the image below:

Create your own fractals

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