Real-time fractals with JAME

JAME is an application for generating and exploring Fractals in real-time. It supports continuous zoom of Mandelbrot, Julia and Fatou Sets. You can explore fractals and record animations. You can compose multiple layers and you can apply filters and effects to your images. You can animate your fractals using JavaScript to control the application. JAME is free software available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


System Requirements

JAME is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. JAME requires Java JRE 7 or later, a computer with multi-core CPU and 1Gb of RAM. No installation is required, just download the archive, uncompress the file, and start exploring Fractals.

Note from the author

I began working on JAME in 2000 and I continued working on it until 2008, when I completed JAME 6. Since 2009 until 2014 I have been busy with other projects and I couldn't add any new feature to JAME. I managed to publish few minor releases until 2016.

After many years, I realised that the source code was getting too hard to maintain. I decided it was time to rethink the design and start a new project. NextFractal aims to replace JAME, providing a better user interface and more advanced features. NextFractal has reached a stable release since 2017.


The best images created with JAME have been published in the book "Fractals Collection, Volume 1". The book is available in paper and ebook format. The paper book contains high quality prints.